Plug’n Pals

This iOS app lets you post messages to other EV drivers to work out the sharing of charging plugs and parking spaces.

You’ve arrived at a charging place and found it in use. You’d like to be able to ask the owner how long they will need it or whether it’s OK for you to unplug their car. Since you don’t know them, you haven’t been able to ask.

Plug’n Pals enables you to ask. Just scan the bar code on the Plug’n Pals sign to add that site to your favorites. Then tap on the site and compose your message.

If there is no sign, you can print one. If Plug’n Pals doesn’t have a site there, it’s easy to create a site.

Scanning a Sign

Use an app like Scan to scan the bar code on a Plug’n Pals sign. The site will then be added to your favorites. Now you can post messages for that site.

Creating a Site

Tap the Add+ button in the bottom left corner. Then tap the Create button that is presented next. Your new site is added to your list and available to everyone.

Printing a Sign

Tap the Print button in the top right corner.

Posting a Message for a Site

Tap on a site in your Site List. Then compose your message in the blank at the bottom. Press the send button on the right to send your message.

Listening Options

You may find that you don’t always want to hear about a site, such as when you're not using it that day. With the tap of a button, you can choose to hear all messages for a site, none or just messages when you’re nearby . Here are some examples:

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