iPhone via Lightswitch and X10 Commander   Use one of these excellent iPhone apps, from Melloware to control your X-10 and INSTEON devices from your living room or around the globe.

For energy savings, security and convenience, Thinking Home is your solution. Having lights turn off automatically is just one way to save energy. Turning on sidewalk lighting as someone approaches saves energy and adds a little security, too. The options are endless!

You can schedule your electric blanket to turn on an hour before bedtime. This lets you lower the thermostat at night while you’re in a warm, comfy bed.

Something like that can be stored in a controller, so you can turn off your Mac. You can also use your Mac for smarter actions 24-7 and make use of Mac-only things like speech, scripts, email, instant messaging and web access.

So how can you do it?  Take a peek at the screenshots on the preview page.

You’re invited to try out Thinking Home 2.2 as a demo for free. See our feature comparison page to compare to other leading Mac home automation software. Or check out the comparisons compiled by Perceptive Automation.

Thinking Home 2.2 supports a huge variety of the most popular gadgets, including PowerLinc V2 controllers, ActiveHome Pro (CM-15A) and HA7Net. One of the exclusive features: it stores a schedule into an ActiveHome Pro (CM-15A)!

Highlights of the Features in v2.2

Schedule Sets  When going away on vacation, many people want a different schedule to be used. Instead of turning on the coffee maker, you may want a couple of lights turning on randomly for a more secure, lived-in look. Schedule Sets provide this convenience via a simple popup menu in the Schedules window.

1-Wire  Affordable temperature monitoring is just one of the benefits that 1-Wire delivers. It’s easier than ever to check the temperature of the water heater, greenhouse, wine cellar, solar panels or the outdoors.

Device Status  Now you can keep tabs on the status of each device or sensor and use it in a smarter, more energy-efficient home.

Search Fields  New support for 12 devices from Automation@Home brings the total to more than 140 models of gadgets to choose from! The search field in the Gadget Guide makes it a snap to quickly find what you're looking for. You’ll be amazed at how well it works — it practically reads your mind. It’s also very handy in the Schedules window, to narrow down your numerous events to just those involving a particular device, time or action.

Events and Responders   Scheduled events and smart responders can operate gadgets, open web pages, play audio, all kinds of actions to make your home interact the way you want it to.

Setup Assistant  Want help to get started? The Setup Assistant walks you through the steps.

Gadget Guide   This is the place to see what’s available and where to shop for the best deals.

Three Standards  INSTEON, X-10 and now 1-Wire are the technologies for your home automation solutions. How do they compare?

X-10 Logo INSTEON Logo 1-Wire Logo

Text Messages  When something interesting happens, like a package delivery, Thinking Home can send messages via email or iChat/AOL Instant Messenger, even to cell phones.

Scripting   Use AppleScript or virtually any language you have installed (unix shell scripts, Python, Perl, etc.) to customize the behavior of your home.

Built-in Voice Commands  You say “Turn on the living room lamp.” and it does! Or try “Is the coffee maker on?” Our first video demonstrates this.

Logging  You can tailor the logging options to keep the info you want. Later, you can search for things to see what was going on while you were away.

Desktop Remote   This innovation operates your gadgets directly from the Finder. You don’t even have to open Thinking Home to quickly turn on that fan.

Operating System Requirements:

  • Mac OS 10.10 - 10.11+
Mac OS X Universal

Additional Requirements:

  • Non-USB controller models require a USB-serial adapter.
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